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Nov. 11, 2020

Episode 7 - Pokemon: Empyrean ~ Nuzlocke (Part 3) (S1, E7)

Episode 7 - Pokemon: Empyrean ~ Nuzlocke (Part 3) (S1, E7)
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This was a bit of a riot! We find 2 new friends to join our party, and even become a pokemon and pee on stuff? What kind of fangame is this? Special Shoutouts to our favorite casters are also tossed in there for good flavor, even after we get lost in the Pokedex for a while! I hope you enjoy the show!!

You can find Troytle at https://probablywork.com/the-power-play-throughs-podcast/
You can find DanielK at https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/daniel-ks-lets-plays/id1247263511
You can find Lokathor at https://anchor.fm/lokathor
Special Shoutout to Bill from the RPG Golden Years/After Years cast and Bill's JRPG Trappings cast. Finish your podcasts Bill.

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