Your Host

Hi there! I am Kai Lee, the host of Into the Verse w/ Kai Lee Cain! I have been in the entertainment sphere for a few years now and I wanted to bring something new and interesting to the table when it came to the Let's Play space. I am one of a select few podcasters who are creating let's play experiences you can take with you on you commute, listen to while you are cooking, or otherwise enjoy away from a screen. Personally, I find myself quite enjoying games of the longer variety, including RPGs from the 90s and 00s, as well as stuff like Elite Dangerous, Minecraft, Sonic, and other varied games. I also am part of a few Tabletop RPG Actual Play Podcasts, which I will have linked in a future section below. Thank you for visiting and I hope you enjoy your stay!

The Cast

Versian Chronicles is an RPG Focused Let's Play Podcast. The host breaks down the game into 30 minutes to 1 hour long chunks and gives it to you in an entertaining format, often acting out the cutscenes and dialog to give you, the listener, the experience of playing alongside the host without needing any sort of screen!