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From the Improv Stage to TV Land: Kate Lambert's Journey with Teachers TV Show and the Power of Chicago Comedy

May 23, 2023

From the Improv Stage to TV Land: Kate Lambert's Journey with Teachers TV Show and the Power of Chicago Comedy

From the Improv Stage to TV Land: Kate Lambert's Journey with Teachers TV Show and the Power of Chicago Comedy

In this episode, Kate Lambert shares her journey from improv comedy to creating Teachers, a hit TV show on TV Land. She discusses her time with The Katydids improv group, the process of creating the show, and the importance of Chicago actors in the show's development.

Additionally, Kate talks about the creative freedom afforded by TV Land, the value of having a great executive on their side, and the impact of the Chicago improv community on their success.

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Ever wondered how an improv comedy group can create a hit TV show? Join me in this captivating episode as I sit down with the incredibly talented Kate Lambert to discuss her journey from the world of improv to the creation of her show, Teachers, on TV Land.

We explore the origins of Teachers, from Kate's time with The Katydids improv group and their early videos to the eventual purchase of the show by TV Land. Along the way, we delve into the creative process, the surprise of not being replaced by big-name actors, and the importance of Chicago actors in the show. We also reminisce about Kate's first job at Second City, which just so happened to be on a cruise ship. Additionally, we touch on the development of the characters in Teachers, the professional elements like costumes and makeup that brought them to life, and the sketches from the web series that made it to the TV show. Finally, I share my own experiences with the Second City theater and the incredible people I saw there, such as Tina Fey, Stephanie Weir, Rachel Dratch and Tina Fey.

In this episode, we discuss the crucial lesson of treating every job, even unpaid gigs, with the utmost professionalism and dedication. We'll also chat about The Katydids journey to LA, the value of having a supportive executive on their side, and the impact of the improv community in Chicago. Don't miss our conversation on Mo Collins' work on MADtv, Kate's recent projects, and her aspirations to return to Chicago and visit the space where her journey began. Join us for this engaging and entertaining episode — you won't want to miss it!

Kate Lambert co-created, executive produced, wrote, and starred on the sitcom Teachers on TV Land.

She has appeared on Reno 911, The Last Show Left on Earth, The Today Show, Last Call with Carson Daly, the film How to Ruin the Holidays, and done voiceover work for American Dad.

Kate has also performed at The John F. Kennedy Center; La Jolla Playhouse; and TBS Just for Laughs. 

During her time in Chicago, she was in The Second City Mainstage revue, Let Them Eat Chaos, and is also an alumna of The Second City Touring Company and iO.

Connect with Kate Lambert on her website at:


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(0:00:04) - Kate Lambert on Teachers and Second City: Kate Lambert and TV Land's Teachers, The Katydids improv group, Chicago actors, and Second City cruise ship job are discussed.

(0:13:23) - Developing Characters and Second City Memories: Kate Lambert and I discussed her career in improv, the exaggerated characters for TV Land's Teachers, and the impact of The Second City Theater.

(0:18:27) - From Improv to Success: Mo Collins' work on MADtv, Orange Alert, Improv Olympic's name change, Kate's family's support, and Kate's aspirations to return to Chicago are discussed.

(0:27:26) - Moving to LA and Making It: Kate and her team's creative freedom, Mo Collins' work, the value of an executive, and the impact of the improv community are discussed.

(0:40:05) - TV Shows and Creative Projects: Kate Lambert discussed her work on Reno 911, Teachers, Tap Time with Tabitha Brown, and an online sketch show, emphasizing the importance of taking all creative opportunities seriously.

(0:45:26) - Meeting Thomas Lennon and Vegas Stories: Kate and Paul reminisce about Reno 911, exploring TV Land's creative freedom, improv, and plans for Las Vegas, plus Kate's upcoming projects.


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