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April 1, 2022

Intro to V/A club

Intro to V/A club
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Hi friends

Welcome to V/A Club: a podcast about movie soundtracks. I'm your host, Niko Stratis.

This is just a little teaser episode, our first proper episode drops April 8th - Rex Manning Day, I  hope you'll join me.

You can find me, Niko on Twitter andInstagram and you can follow V/A Club on Twitter and Instagram

The theme song - Love Theme to V/A Club, is by Matty Grace, you can find her on Twitter and Instagram, and her band Cluttered on Twitter and Instagram

The show artwork is by Rachael Pleet, you can find her art on Instagram

We have a Patreon, it's $2/month. You can find it HERE. I'll be uploading essays, playlists, and whatever else I can think of.

Please share, rate, review, etc.

Thanks, I love you.