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April 8, 2022

Empire Records (w. Oceanator)

Empire Records (w. Oceanator)
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What's with today, today?

Hi friends, welcome to V/A Club, a podcast about movie soundtracks! Episode one baby! We did it!

Today, we're talking about the Empire Records soundtrack with my friend Elise Okusami, aka Oceanator!

Oceanator has a new record out TODAY, it's called - coincidentally - Nothings Ever Fine. You can buy itHERE. You can find Oceanator on the web via her website, Oceanator.surfor on TWITTER and INSTAGRAM

you can find the Oceanator cover of "Plowed" by Sponge HERE

you can find me, Niko Stratis, online at my website nikostratis.com or on TWITTER and INSTAGRAM

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