Upward with Transfr

Upward with Transfr

The world of work is constantly changing — and training methods must change to keep up. On Upward, we sit down with thought leaders, SMEs, and designers who are building the training systems that will help undiscovered talent find their unique pathways into the well-paying careers that will keep our world going. We also hear from trainees and workers on the front lines of our shifting workforce for their first-hand stories of what it takes to succeed.

Recent Episodes

Upward with Transfr S8E2 — VR Efficacy Studies: What We’re Learning and What Comes Next

Nov. 9, 2023

Understanding the effectiveness of VR is a complex process and one that the industry as a whole is only just beginning to grapple with. Here at Transfr, we’ve assembled a team of learning experts to put our own simulations t…

Upward with Transfr S8E1 — “Is VR Effective?” Understanding Transfr’s VR Efficacy Studies

Oct. 26, 2023

“Is VR effective?” “Does VR really work?” To answer these questions, Transfr has built up an industry-leading team of learning experts! Hear about the work they’re doing in this exciting episode.

Upward with Transfr S7E1 — Nontraditional Career Paths: Yun Jin Rho

June 20, 2023

Every nontraditional career path deals with overcoming challenges. Yun Jin’s story has twists and turns she never saw coming, which profoundly changed the way she approaches understanding each individual learner. Don’t miss …

Upward with Transfr S6E2: Flying High — Training the Next Generation of Aviation Mechanics with VR

June 12, 2023

The aviation maintenance sector is poised to have a lot of open roles to fill in the coming years. So how can educators and workforce agencies help fill those gaps? On this episode, hear from Brian Hartz (former Business Own…

Upward with Transfr S6E1: How We Built the Future of Aviation Maintenance Training

June 5, 2023

A lack of trained, certified aviation mechanics spells disaster for transportation, logistics, shipping, and a host of other industries. It's going to take the right tech and the right people to help train the future of this…

Upward with Transfr S5E1 — Nontraditional Career Paths: Ryan McLaughlin

May 8, 2023

Instead of going college, Transfr Creative Producer Ryan McLaughlin went on tour. Join us on a journey through his unique background, complete with ups, downs, and an inside look into the life of a working musician and produ…