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Dec. 22, 2023

E38: Holiday Special: Request for Startups

E38: Holiday Special: Request for Startups

This week, in a departure from Upstream's usual format, Erik sits downs with friends Nick DeWilde, Sean Linehan, and Justin Mares to exchange startup ideas in a new format called "Request for Startups." Please note that this episode contains some vulgar humor and won't be for everyone. Make informed decision for high impact donations with GiveWell, which is offering Upstream listeners donation matching up to $100. To claim your match, go to ➡️ pick “Podcast” and enter "Upstream with Erik Torenberg" at checkout.


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@jwmares (Justin)

@seanlinehan (Sean)

@nick_dewilde (Nick)

@eriktorenberg (Erik)





(00:00) Preview

(01:25) Intro

(02:03) Fake jobs for rich families

(06:59) Ending San Fransisco burglaries

(10:50) Better prenups

(13:13) Brunch x Benihana

(15:44) Sponsors: Shopify | Givewell

(19:20) Fit Club

(24:20) Justin's story from being a janitor at LA Fitness

(26:29) Generative AI applications

(37:06) Holistic fertility treatment

(42:11) Combining workspaces with other services

(44:38) Retraining software engineers

(46:55) Quora for people

(49:37) Wrap


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