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July 27, 2022

Ep77 The Million Dollar James Bond and other ultimate travel experiences, with Shane Mahoney

Ep77 The Million Dollar James Bond and other ultimate travel experiences, with Shane Mahoney
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What's involved in creating the world's Ultimate James Bond Experience and who would you have to kill to make it happen? Jokes aside, Shane Mahoney has left no stone unturned in putting together what would make the dreams of James Bond's biggest adventure fans a reality. But Shane doesn't just want to be known for his Bond creation. He is passionate about the many more ways you can elevate your travel experiences when you have the right approach.

Shane Mahoney is a serial entrepreneur, luxury lifestyle specialist and founder of Lugos Travel, an agency that believes in making luxury travel attainable. He has travelled to 22 countries and has dedicated his life to connecting and re-connecting loved ones by crafting travel experiences that surprise and delight. Shane also founded the Entrepreneurial Travel Club for entrepreneurs who network through travel experiences.

Quotes from this episode:

"You really only have your memories. And if you haven't put those coins in the bank, so to speak, you don't have anything to draw on, there's nothing there. And you get to the point where it's too late and your choices are taken away at some point of your life."

"We didn't become Virtuoso or Signature because honestly, I felt like I could do a better job of putting my clients in good hands (rather) than somebody in a corporate office many, many states away pulling contracts with hotels to put champagne in rooms."

"If you're only focused on price, you've already lost. I want people to focus on value. Price is what you pay, value is what you get. And if you focus on what you get, you can actually get much, much more for the dollars than you would expect."

-Shane Mahoney

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Principles by Ray Dalio

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