Nov. 30, 2022

Ep 87 How events are using the Metaverse and what it will cost you, with Valerie Bihet

Ep 87 How events are using the Metaverse and what it will cost you, with Valerie Bihet

Just when you think you've figured out hybrid, the Metaverse presents itself as the new frontier for the events world to conquer. But who really understands how the Metaverse works, much less how it works for events? Can it be as immersive as in-person events and how much will an event in this space cost?

These many questions are answered by Valerie Bihet, award-winning founder of Vibe Agency in Miami. Valerie got her start in events working at Disneyland Paris and Club Med Paris, producing and managing events teams for Disney’s 5th Anniversary Celebration, Club Med’s 50th Anniversary and The Race, and the world renowned Tour de France. She is sought after for her views on a variety of corporate events from incentive travel to luxury branding to events in the Metaverse.

Quotes from this episode:

" The Metaverse is a fusion of video game, internet, branding, and active audience."

"There is so much in the Metaverse right now in real estate, it is the Gold Rush days right now and people invest to have land... or you rent space to do your event. There is so much opportunity (that) it's time for event planners to join the movement and rethink event strategy."

-Valerie Bihet

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