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Nov. 10, 2022

Ep 85: Creating enviable events that turn attendees into ambassadors, with Melissa Park - Part 2

Ep 85: Creating enviable events that turn attendees into ambassadors, with Melissa Park - Part 2

Creating incredible events will turn attendees into your ambassadors. But professional event planning can also be quite the emotional journey.  Not only do you need to be on top of your game, coming up continually with unique and inspiring ideas because cookie cutter approaches no longer work, you need to make sure you're making the right decisions for your own health to avoid burnout and for your business.

Melissa Park is the founder of Melissa Park Events, with projects in Australia and America. She  worked at Reed Exhibitions producing events likeThe PGA Golf Show and also played key roles in The World Masters Games Gala Ball,  Sydney Olympic Games 10 Year Anniversary Ceremony, Sydney International FIFA Fan Fest 2010, and the Major League Baseball Opening Series in 2014. Her awards and recognitions include 2020 & 2021’s The BizBash 500: Must Know Event Profs in the U.S., 2020’s 25 Young Event Pros to Watch (Special Events) and 2010 Australian Events Awards’ Young Achiever of the Year .

Quotes from this episode:

"At the end of the day,  if you produce a really good event, every attendee will turn into an ambassador for your show. They're the ones that are gonna go and tell the 10 people back in the office when they return, 'Oh my God, that was epic. You really should come next time.' It's the easiest way to grow and scale an event."

"Nothing's ever random, but things just do happen to appear or opportunities present themselves when you've got the space and the capacity to take them on."

-Melissa Park

The Mel-Factor Method Masterclass

Connect with Melissa:
Instagram: melissaparkevents
Facebook: Melissa Park
LinkedIn:  melissa-park-5942a411
Website: www.melissapark.co
Email: melissa@melissapark.co

Melissa's book recommendations:
Business is Personal by Bethenny Frankel
Daring & Disruptive by Lisa Messenger
Risk & Resilience by Lisa Messenger

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