Tudisco was born in a log cabin. At a young age, his parents were eaten by wolves. Then, the wolves raised him as their own. Shortly after, the wolves were eaten by ninjas. Then, the ninjas raised him as their own. Excited to be a ninja, Tudisco went to SUNY College at Oneonta, where he was bitten by a radioactive English teacher. From that day on, he has dedicated himself to truth, justice, and the English language common core curriculum.

Mealey trained in the Montesarcasm tradition and then traveled the land in search of himself and mediocre pay for above-average stress when he happended upon some not so sacred scrolls which said "Go Math young man and one day you shall meet a radioactive wolf ninja guy and cast you both shall pod" For the rest of the story stare deeply into the waters of nonsense bay or just click on this link