Dec. 2, 2022

Ryan Breslow on the silicon valley mafia, founding multiple Unicorns, company culture & what makes founders successful

Ryan Breslow on the silicon valley mafia, founding multiple Unicorns, company culture & what makes founders successful

Ryan Breslow looks back on many successful founding years: Bolt (14 billion dollar valuation), Eco (Unicorn), and now He gained plenty of experience on the road to success, which he now shares with you. He talks to Fabian about the influence of Silicon Valley, the importance of setbacks, his biggest mistake, and the perfect company culture.

What you'll learn:

What mindset & skillset do you need to start a stable business outside the flourishing ecosystem?

Can a successful business be built entirely remotely?

How do you achieve the optimal product-market fit & what tips does Ryan have for early-stage founders in particular?

What matters most in an impact-driven business?


(00:00:41) Is Silicon Valley a mafia?

(00:02:24) How has Silicon Valley rejection affected Ryan's journey as a founder & do you see it more as an opportunity or a challenge?

(00:04:26) What mindset & skillset is helpful when building a business from a place that's not part of a flourishing ecosystem?

(00:05:28) Is it necessary to meet like-minded people in person, or can you build a solid network purely online?

(00:07:22) Can you build a good company culture remotely at all?

(00:08:36) On what important cornerstones do you build a good company culture that works well during the growth phase?

(00:10:30) How do you define and measure the impact of a company?

(00:12:42) How to find the right balance between achieving results and investing until growth is visible?

(00:18:50) What are the pros and cons of simultaneously building a new business and, on the other hand, producing content as a founder?

(00:22:32) What is your north star or vision that drives you?

(00:25:44) What are the specifics of your new company

(00:31:01) How do you want to achieve product-market fit with & what tips do you have for other early-stage founders? Ryan's recipe for product market fit 

(00:35:25) What accomplishments are you most proud of?

(00:36:02) What was the most challenging compromise you had to make to succeed?

(00:36:44) What was your biggest mistake (so far)?

(00:38:08) What is one thing about you that people often misunderstand?

(00:41:02) What is your greatest strength in the company & what is the area with the most potential for improvement?

(00:42:18) You've met many people in your career so far - who has impressed you the most?

(00:45:31) Ryan's advice for founders.

Ryan Breslow


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