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March 23, 2023

Tapping into the Super-Consciousness

As we begin to fully embrace our creative side along with our critical thinking side, we can reach into the realm of "super-conscious" thought. This is where we begin to materialize and brainstorm our visions and manifestations. My website with …

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March 22, 2023

The Personalities of Manifestation

When it comes to getting things done (manifesting your reality) there are differences of personalities. It's important to know your strength and your weakness so you can perform and utilize people around you resourcefully. My website with free...

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March 21, 2023

Ideas vs. Thoughts in Manifesting

In the process of manifesting our realities, there are differences in "an inkling," a passing whim - and then truly dwelling and pondering on thoughts. Ideas are the beginning, then bringing down serious thought is pulling that manifestation closer...

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March 20, 2023

The Beginning of the One Mind

From a Kabalistic aspect, the Big Bang can actually make sense when understood that the human mind is truly a part of the higher collective mind. The mind and energy that created this universe. When we begin to understand what …

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March 19, 2023

|Nicky Billou| Individual Sovereignty

Self-ownership, also known as sovereignty of the individual or individual sovereighty, is the concept of property in one's own person, expressed as the moral or natural right of a person to have bodily integrity and be the exclusive controller of...

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March 17, 2023

Lucid Dreams vs. Conscious Dreams

There is a fun state of dreaming that we can control called Lucid Dreaming - within this state of dreaming we can mold the dream to become our every desire. It can certainly be fun, as we become like superhero's, …

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March 16, 2023

The 4 Types of Dreams

As we begin to use our dreams to understand more about our personal growth and development, it helps to understand what the different types of dreams are and what they represent. That is the focus of todays daily episode. My …

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March 15, 2023

Preparing for a Positive Astral Travel Experience

Once we have learned the best practices of discernment around the light and dark techniques of Astral travel, we want to prepare ourselves and our environments around us for the best possible outcome of these conscious journeys. My website with...

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March 14, 2023

Having Discernment with Astral Travel

If you are practicing Astral Travel, always realize there is a "dark side" and a "light side." It comes from intent and if the wrong intent is used, there will be Karmic balances and repercussions. My website with free audio …

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March 13, 2023

#1 Barrier to Astral Travel - The Mind

Like Neo in "The Matrix" or Dr. Steven Strange in "Dr. Strange," The biggest barrier to exploring our true ability to Astral Travel and tap into higher level human potential, is our belief. Sometimes it's fear, but most times it's …

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March 12, 2023

|Kevin Palmieri| Suicide to Success

Kevin Palmieri is the CFO, Founder & Co-Host of Next Level University, a Global Top 100 Self-Improvement Podcast with more than 1,250 episodes and 750K+ listens in over 150 countries. But it wasn't always this way for him... Some people …

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March 10, 2023

We Actually Astral Travel Daily

When we sleep, we are often astral traveling... When we daydream, sometimes we are astral traveling... It is simply because we are so focused on everything in life here in the physical existence that we don't give these "dreaming" aspects...

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March 9, 2023

Astral Travel with a Personal Experience

Ever heard of Astral Travel? I bet you've likely heard of "remote viewing," mostly due to the now famous and declassified CIA documents of "Project Stargate." Well, Astral Travel is like Remote Viewing, but instead of "seeing real things here …

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March 8, 2023

Becoming a Real-Life Magician

When we have accessed the quantum field of possibility through quieting our minds and opening up our energy centers of the body, we can become like real-life magicians; manifesting our truest potential here on earth. My website with free audio...

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March 7, 2023

Surrender to Find your True Self

Once you begin to understand what you are at your core, you can begin to let go of the "ego attachment" to what we think we are. When we align our energy centers of the brain, heart, and gut, this …

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March 6, 2023

The Gut Connection

The Gut - it's being realized as the "3rd Brain" of our body and discoveries show that it is connected in unison with the Brain and Heart. In this daily episode, we overview why paying attention to the gut is …

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March 5, 2023

|Ryan Cote| Upgrade your Morning!

So much work in the self-development community is centered on mindset and awareness. But it's not often that we stop to think about how we begin our days. Do you find yourself jumping out of bed and rushing right into …

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March 3, 2023

Scientific Proof with the Impact of Stress

Here is an episode that ties together the scientific proof of how stress and anxiety impacts the human body. Don't take it from only me, this comes directly from the studies of the HeartMath Institute and their book: "Science of …

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March 2, 2023

The Power of the Heart Chakra

The aura of the heart energy center expands some 50 - 60ft outward from an individual. When it is in coherence with the brain then some pretty power elements come into play. This is when someone that is at a …

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March 1, 2023

Reaching Enlightenment

Enlightenment actually isn't the end goal - it's a jumping off point! Once we become more enlightened and begin to realize how life works with the Law of Attraction, the real work and fun begins! But it isn't always rainbows …

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Feb. 28, 2023

Becoming Heart vs. Head Centered

As we begin to learn more about the heart, we need to get ourselves out of the entrainment of thinking with the ego and the mind. When we lean into the energy of our heart, we can better "feel" our …

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Feb. 27, 2023

The Heart more Importanant than the Brain?

Groundbreaking research conducted at the HearthMath Institute is revealing that heart actually sends more information to the brain than the other way around. It's being discovered that the heart itself functions as "its own brain." This gives a...

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Feb. 26, 2023

|Dana Sardano| What is "The Higher Self?"

What exactly does it mean when we say the phase, "getting in touch with our higher self?" What is "this Higher Self?" In terms of spirituality and spiritual awakenings, this term is often misunderstood. The focus of today's episode is …

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Feb. 24, 2023

Transcending the Chaos

The more focus we put into our daily spiritual practices, the more we are going to be able to transcend the chaos that the world throws at us. Too many human beings still allow themselves to be blown about on …

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