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Ungraduated Living & Learning

Ungraduated Living & Learning

The time has come to wake up and drop out of the system of programming and control...

We are all manifesting our lives through our everyday thoughts and belief systems. Science is beginning to finally prove this. However, due to this largely misunderstood concept, many of us are unknowingly sabotaging our abilities to achieve complete meaning, happiness, and success in life. Others within different power structures do not wish us to break free of their control and illusions for we further perpetuate their existence and continued power over us.

Join host Ken Hannaman in learning how to live a more inspiring, empowering, and purposeful life through proper mindset, thus creating personal awakenings. From high school drop out, to Executive Leader, Author, and Mindset Coach; your host of Ungraduated Living & Learning has found his way unconventionally and against the predetermined social norms that sometimes limit our potentials in life.

Tune in for quick daily insights alongside weekly solo episodes and interviews with successful individuals that are learning how to "ungraduate" from their old, outdated education and indoctrination systems to achieve so much more out of life. Learning can be self-driven and we can all become life-long learners furthering our possibilities and impact for ourselves and those around us.

In this show you will discover that your life isn't in your hands --- it is all in your head!

Recent Episodes

Finalizing your Manifestation

March 24, 2023

Once we have the brainstorming all set, it's time for the final stage of brining your manifestation to life - planning and executing! My website with free audio download of my book: Ungraduated Book for purchase: Join the …

Tapping into the Super-Consciousness

March 23, 2023

As we begin to fully embrace our creative side along with our critical thinking side, we can reach into the realm of "super-conscious" thought. This is where we begin to materialize and brainstorm our visions and manifestati…

The Personalities of Manifestation

March 22, 2023

When it comes to getting things done (manifesting your reality) there are differences of personalities. It's important to know your strength and your weakness so you can perform and utilize people around you resourcefully.  …

Ideas vs. Thoughts in Manifesting

March 21, 2023

In the process of manifesting our realities, there are differences in "an inkling," a passing whim - and then truly dwelling and pondering on thoughts. Ideas are the beginning, then bringing down serious thought is pulling t…

The Beginning of the One Mind

March 20, 2023

From a Kabalistic aspect, the Big Bang can actually make sense when understood that the human mind is truly a part of the higher collective mind. The mind and energy that created this universe. When we begin to understand wh…

|Nicky Billou| Individual Sovereignty

March 19, 2023

Self-ownership, also known as sovereignty of the individual or individual sovereighty, is the concept of property in one's own person, expressed as the moral or natural right of a person to have bodily integrity and be the e…