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April 18, 2022

#30 - God Fearing with Ashewo Vibes

#30 - God Fearing with Ashewo Vibes
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Look this episode is explicit, very explicit as we look into a subject that many would not want to touch within a 10-foot pole. But please take everything said on the episode with a grain of salt as we our just expressing our own thoughts and ideas which are very much subjective.

Listener's discretion is advised. Not suitable for persons under the age of 25.

Ada Nancy, Rita Chigozie, Supreme Nudubisi, Daniel Briggs

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The "Uncomfortable Truths" is written, edited and produced by David Frank-Oziwo aka David Dante Frank.

Background Music:
Sex for breakfast - Lofi Waiter,
WAP - Cardi B,
Wild Side - Cardi B,
In my bed - Rotimi,
Sinner - Adekunle Gold,
Loyalty - Ajebo Hustlers,
Solace - Ajebo Hustlers.

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