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Sept. 5, 2022

end it for good

end it for good

S3 EP 033 : end it for good 

On this episode of Unashamed, Josh and Drew sit down with Angela Mallette of End It For Good, a Mississippi based non profit that is doing alot in the areas of education & advocacy organization working to end the criminal approach to drugs. 

Angela shares about her story of how an Engineer winds up through a long series of turns that ultimately lead her to where she was meant to be all along, Director of Outreach for End It For Good. And that's not even half of the show, we even get around to breaking the barrier on talking about what is harm reduction in the areas of addiction. It is a necessary conversation to have when talking any kind of progress in our current situation. 

So, make sure you got a full charge on your phone, the volume turned up, sit back and relax as we talk on how to End It For Good!

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