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Unashamed Recovery

Unashamed Recovery

There is healing in the story of our scars.
It’s okay to not be okay.
We are breaking the shame & stigma of addiction & recovery
by having real conversations with real people in real recovery.
Welcome to Unashamed Recovery Podcast, a Christian Recovery Podcast for everyone with a hurt, habit, hang-up, compulsion or addiction. If your looking for a fresh view on recovery from a biblical standpoint, we want to welcome you home. This show is for you the recovery community, by the recovery community.
Stay Sober & Stay Unashamed.
Love y’all.

Recent Episodes

end it for good

Sept. 5, 2022

S3 EP 033 : end it for good On this episode of Unashamed, Josh and Drew sit down with Angela Mallette of End It For Good, a Mississippi based non profit that is doing alot in the areas of education & advocacy organization wo…

no shame

Aug. 1, 2022

S3 EP 32 : No Shame - Some call him the Recovery Guru some call him the Recovery Doctor with a PHD in Life. This month, Josh & Drew sit down with Jay, a ex garbage can junkie with a buffet style drug use who has turned his l…

love lived out

July 4, 2022

S3 EP 31 : love lived out - Last month, we heard a remarkable story of how one person was saved by grace. In this month's episode we are looking at addiction from the point of view of the spouse of an addict. Josh and Drew s…

saved by grace

June 6, 2022

S3 EP 030 : saved by grace - Last month, Josh and Drew talked on what it meant to Live Unashamed. On this episode we see a first hand example of that. Josh and Drew sit down with Kristen who just celebrated 6 years of sobri…

living unashamed

May 2, 2022

S3 Ep 029 : living unashamed - Eventually we will get to a place inside our recovery that will require us to step outside of the blanket of protection that our anonymity provides. Step 12 requires us to share what we have le…

fixing brokenness

April 4, 2022

S3 Ep 028 : fixing brokenness Forgiveness. Amends. Reconciliation. Inside recovery circles all over the world, we hear these three words a lot! Seriously, A LOT! This is especially true when we move into working Steps 8, 9 a…