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Turning Home w/Rob Ernest

Turning Home w/Rob Ernest

United Methodist Pastor Rob Ernest preaches the Gospel of Jesus Christ in a unique and understandable fashion which is relatable to everyday life and situations.

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High Level Ignorance

May 18, 2022

So...what do you know? What do you know you don't know? What do you want to know? Could you accept "High Level Ignorance"? Find out the answers to these questions on this episode of TURNING HOME.

Christianity, Jesus, Mother's Day

The Incredible Invisible Woman

May 11, 2022

We're talking super heroes in this episode of TURNING HOME. Can you guess the secret identity of "The Incredible Invisible Woman"?

Good Show!

May 2, 2022

Seen any good shows lately? God has given us the ultimate show in God's revelation to John as we hear in this episode of TURNING HOME called "Good Show!"

Believing Is Seeing

April 19, 2022

This Easter message is a little bit different... It's the story of why John left stuff out of his gospel. "Believing is Seeing" is the title of this episode of TURNING HOME.

The Little Donkey

April 13, 2022

What an honor it was to carry the Messiah into Jerusalem on the Sunday of palms! We can learn a lot from "The Little Donkey" in this episode of TURNING HOME.

No Regrets

April 6, 2022

Jesus' beloved friend, Mary of Bethany, has "No Regrets" in a last astounding act of love for her master, in this episode of TURNING HOME.