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Great Information & Resources!

Travel Gluten Free is a really fun and helpful resource for eating gluten free when you’re traveling and in your daily life. It was such a pleasure to be part of her 2021 lineup!

Podcast + Book = Amazing Information!

Elikqitie is an amazing source of information. If you have both her book in hand and the Travel Gluten Free podcast on your phone, it will make traveling so much smoother!

Fun podcast about traveling gluten free

I love the host’s energy and knowledge. She has great guests that always bring good information to table. I also read her Travel Gluten Free book on Amazon and loved it. It’s not easy traveling with Celiac, but it’s doable. I like knowing other people out there share the same struggles!

Required listening for anyone who wants a healthier lifestyle!

The Travel Gluten Free podcast is such a fantastic resource for anyone with celiac disease, a gluten-free lifestyle, or even just a desire to get healthier. You'll learn practical tips and strategies for helping you travel around the world while also enjoying the food and lifestyle you need.

Super helpful! Love the host!

Such a great resource for gf brands and wonderful locations!

Yes! This is what I was looking for!!

I wanted an easy listen with a little bit of fun and some good take-away bits. I finally found it!! Such a gem.

This podcast is so needed!!

Gluten free living and especially traveling can be so tricky. Especially for those of us with with celiac disease or severe intolerance or even an allergy! I am so grateful for this podcast to help inform and educate!

Excellent resource

Elikqitie is highly knowledgeable and personable. I feel confident sharing this podcast for my clients who appreciate her tips on gluten free living.


Love this podcast - it’s great for bread and gluten-free eaters alike! No natter what you choose to eat you’re sure to learn about interesting and new places and people. Wide variety of guests and she knows how to keep the conversation going!

Travel Gluten Free is Fun

Elikqitie has a talent for asking the right questions of her guests. She always seems to discuss just what I need to hear. Besides that, she is fun to listen too.

Great podcast if you are gluten-free

So many good tips, interviews, and lots of other useful information related to all things gluten-free!

Navigate the Gluten-Free Lifestyle

This podcast helps you navigate how to eat gluten-free in all sorts of situations. Plus it teaches you how to create delicious gluten-free fare in your own home. The host is friendly and the guests are knowledgeable. There is so much to learn about going gluten-free and this podcast helps.

Great GF info

This informative podcast is a great help to gluten-free travelers!

So informative!

Love this podcast. She is so articulate and provides a lot of useful information. I am not gluten intolerant but use this information to cook for my daughter in law that is gluten intolerant. Thanks for all the resources!

Love your enthusiasm and energy

Elikqitie is enthusiastic and passionate about travel and sharing ways to travel gluten free. It comes through clearly in each and every episode. I can’t wait to hear about her recent cruise to Europe including her adventures in Iceland, Norway and London!

Great podcast!

Elikqitie's informative content, conversational style, and sense of humor make for great listening. This is a top tier gluten free podcast!

I love this podcast!

This podcast is so informative and such a good place to learn more about a gluten free lifestyle. My husband (who has a gluten intolerance) and I have been traveling a lot recently and it is difficult to find gluten free food in other countries especially with a language barrier. In Thailand he had…


I like the personal touch. Elikqitie shares information about her own family's struggles with digestive issues. Although I am not gluten intolerant, I am a vegan AND lactose intolerant so I understand about weird diet restrictions. Elikqitie says she will be sharing some vegan recipies as well!

Best gluten free INFO anyware

I have so many friends that are celiac I excited to have a source for info

Lot's of good information

I love her style and the information seems very relevant

Loving this Gluten Free Travel Help

Informative and so helpful for navigating the gluten free travel experience. Thanks!

Terrific Podcast!

Thank you for sharing your own trials and tribulations navigating a gluten free world. Even though I don't have as bad a sensitivity to gluten as you do, I still suffer with some symptoms like bloating, indigestion, and brain fog. Can't wait to hear more from you!

Positive and Upbeat

Being gluten free isn’t always easy. I look forward to your travels and the advice you share on the gluten free journey!

Best gluten-free podcast

She really gives great information for people who are gluten-free. I’m looking forward to hear podcasts on travel!