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Interview with Canadian Celiac Ellen Bayens from The Celiac Scene

Interview with Ellen Bayens of the Celiac Scene

Travel Victoria British Columbia Canada

Fun Things To Do in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Gluten-Free Dessert Walking Tour Gem City

Lisa Cox from Gem City and Elikqitie from Travel Gluten Free podcast are hosting the first ever Dessert Walking Tour. Customers will receive a walking tour of the bakery

Erika Dermer Celiac and the Beast

Episode 17 Erika Demmer from Celiac and the Beast   Erika was diagnosed in 2009. She is a full-blown Celiac with a sprinkling of gastroparesis, osteopenia, hypermobility disorder, endometriosis, thyroid shenanigans, and a whole host of other health issues. She didn't realize that cosmetics could have wheat as the main ingredient, but when she realized that most of her cosmetics contained wheat, she threw out most of her shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and cosmetics and started with new, fresh gluten-free cosmetics.   Erika doesn't love cooking (aka she throws a lot of my failed dishes out). To eat, she uses a lot of gluten-free products. Erika is always looking for the newest gluten-free food item to review on her website.   She says she lives with a "great dude" who is super into the gluten-free lifestyle – even though he is not gluten-sensitive    In her past life, Erika's career landed in the PR, advertising, and corporate market, research. In this life, Erika is part of she knows.comexperts program, is the managing editor for Gluten Free and More Magazine, subject matter expert and lifestyle speaker, she has appeared on live promotional tv spots, is a member of the New Hope Blogger Network and writes her blog on her website celiac and the beast.comThis year alone, she appears in 7 different cities to speak on the topic of being gluten-free and living the gluten-free lifestyle.    We talk about food shaming, what it means to be celiac, and how Erika has found her special someone who takes care of her through thicker than thin! What it takes to find a significant other who accepts you for all you're worth and all the wrong times you can have from celiacs (and another sickness too!).   Have you read her book Celiac and the Beast? If you are Celiac and you haven't, check out this link to grab yourself a copy to read and enjoy! You should also check out her website Celiac and the Beast and her blog post-2018 Gluten-Free Back to School Guide   If you are near a Legal Seafood, Erika highly recommends that you eat there! They can make anything their menu gluten-free and dairy-free!   Looking for a Great Travel Deal? Visit my Travel Deals page on my website! It's packed with deals for discount airfare, car rental, airport parking and much more, including discount trips to Italy.    Support Travel Gluten Free! For as little as $3 a month, become a show sponsor through Patreon.com Support the podcast which supports you, Travel Gluten Free!   Get Social with Tarryn Skuy from My Celiac Life

Back To School Gluten-Free

Sending the little ones (or not so little ones) back-to-school? Have children who are celiac or just gluten-free and not sure how to handle their diet when they are at school?

Meredith Miller #CeliacCutie Gluten-Free T-Shirts

Meredith Miller at Celiac Cutie and her line of Fun Gluten-Free T-shirts!

Amanda from Smart Flour Foods talks gluten-free Pizza Crust

Charlie Pace purchased Smart Flour Foods after tasting their gluten-free pizza crust in 2011. Today, Smart Flour Foods creates wholesome and nutritious gluten-free pizzas, pizza crusts and now pizza bites with ancient grains!

Ten Best Tips to Road Trip Gluten-Free with Elikqitie

How do you road trip gluten-free and navigate all the crazy hazards that come your way? Listen in to hear what the 10 best gluten free road trip recommendations are for those of us who love to travel on the road.

Interview with Alice Medrich Gluten Free Flavor Flours gluten-free baking and recipes

Ever dreamed of a world where wheat did not exist? When Alice Medrich pondered the question, the journey led her to discover and experiment with flours other than wheat. The result is her latest cookbook: Gluten-Free Flavor Flours

Taylor Nakakihara Blogger, Celiac, Spartan Racer!

Taylor N is a Blogger with Celiacs who proves that life with Celiacs can be rewarding!

Jason Elmore from Find Me Gluten Free App

Find Me Gluten Free App developed by Jason Elmore, is the best tool for finding safe, gluten-free food when eating at restaurants!

Lisa Cox at Gem City Fine Foods

Gem City Fine Foods provides a quality of dessert that is unmatched! Their commitment to their dedicated gluten-free facility, along with recipe development and variety of desserts offered create a company who serves the gluten-free community

Fun Friday GFAF Expo

Visit the GFAF Gluten-Free Expo June 23rd and 24th in Glendale, Arizona

Travel Gluten-Free Outside Your Hometown

Three easy ways you can find gluten-free restaurant options outside your hometown

Vivian's Live Again | Fine Gluten-Free Food Choices

Interview with Laura Huffman from Vivian's Live Again

Interview with Kate from Kate's Gluten Free Kitchen

Kate Call has truly found her calling in life! She is the owner of Kate's Kitchen, a small, one-woman, grassroots gluten-free bakery.

Bubble Tea, Matcha Tea and Apothecary teas at Townshend's Tea House

I have a selfish personal tea inception going on in my pantry with 57 different types of tea of which 10 percent are directly from Townshend’s tea house.

Why Are Some Foods Labeled "Certified Gluten-Free"?

Why Are Some Foods Labeled "Certified Gluten-Free"?

5 Tips for Bakery Fresh Gluten-Free Cookies at Home

Travel Gluten Free gives people who lead the gluten-free lifestyle a better way to live. Travel Gluten Free's host Elikqitie gives insights to how to easily lead a gluten-free lifestyle at home, at work and during travel. Learn the ins and outs of how...

Travel Gluten Free Trailer

Welcome to the Travel Gluten Free Show I’m your host Elikqitie and I’m excited to bring you my new podcast Travel Gluten Free   I’d first like to start off by thanking my podcasting friends who have supported me in my endeavor: Chris Nesi...