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Nov. 28, 2022

LAZARUS (1) - by Leonid Andreyev | ASMR + Fireplace for Sleep, Anxiety, & PTSD

LAZARUS (1) - by Leonid Andreyev | ASMR + Fireplace for Sleep, Anxiety, & PTSD

ASMR reading to you of the story Lazarus by Leonid Andreyev. This episode covers chapter 1-3. ASMR is a great aid for those with anxiety, depression, insomnia, and ptsd. Added atmospheres, like featured here with the fireplace in the background, can also be a great help for those with tinnitus. Listen with headphones for the best experience.  

Lazarus has just returned home after being dead for three days. Sumptuously dressed, he is surrounded by his sisters Mary and Martha, other relatives, and friends celebrating his resurrection. His three days in the grave have left marks on his body; there is a bluish cast to his fingertips and face, and there are cracked and oozing blisters on his skin. The deterioration of his body has been interrupted, but the restoration, his return to health, is incomplete. His demeanor, too, has changed. He is no longer joyous, carefree, and laughing, as he was before death. Now he is silent, neither laughing at the jokes of others nor offering such play himself. It is some time before those around him begin to notice these changes in him. No one asks him about his experience of death for a time. His friends and relatives are celebrating him as a symbol of life; their emphasis on his resurrection overshadows the other awful truth: His return to life has also made him their surest connection to death and its mysteries.   

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