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Feb. 13, 2019

ASMR | VAMPIRE MAID by Hume Nisbet 1900 [Vampire Valentine]

ASMR | VAMPIRE MAID by Hume Nisbet 1900 [Vampire Valentine]
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This audio is part of the #WeeklyASMR group that myself and many other amazing ASMRtists have created where we challenge ourselves to bring you a new video every week with a fun theme. This week's theme is Valentine's Day - and you can find all of the other ASMRtists at this playlist on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLC3O-vwtak0dW_1S7aM3h_nnSzwrY00Kj For our Valentine’s Special, I thought it might be fun to read something a little darker. The Vampire Maid, by Hume Nisbet (1900) is a short story which tells the tale of a man seeking solitude in the moors. He comes across a cottage that is perfect and immediately falls in love with the landlady’s daughter, Adrienne.  Podcast: www.anchor.fm/tome-by-tome-asmr YouTube: bit.ly/youtubeTomebyTomeASMR Twitter: twitter.com/PamMcElprang Sorrow of the Dragon Gods: amzn.to/2E6CT2v Excerpt: Yet happy and tired out as I was I had by no means a comfortable night. This I put down to the strange bed. I slept certainly, but my sleep was filled with dreams so that I woke late and unrefreshed; a good walk on the moor, however, restored me, and I returned with a fine appetite for breakfast. Certain conditions of mind, with aggravating circumstances, are required before even a young man can fall in love at first sight, as Shakespeare has shown in his Romeo and Juliet. In the city, where many fair faces passed me every hour, I had remained like a stoic, yet no sooner did I enter the cottage after that morning walk than I succumbed instantly before the weird charms of my landlady's daughter, Adrienne Brunnell. #valentinestory #vampirestory #happyvalentine #valentinehorror #softspokenasmr Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/tome-by-tome-asmr/support

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