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Jan. 25, 2019

ASMR | THUMBELINA (Fairy Tale) by HANS CHRISTIAN ANDERSEN [Reading You To Sleep, Soft Spoken]

ASMR | THUMBELINA (Fairy Tale) by HANS CHRISTIAN ANDERSEN [Reading You To Sleep, Soft Spoken]
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 Soft spoken ASMR reading of the classic fairy tale, Thumbelina, by Hans Christian Andersen, 1835. Enjoy with headphones.

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Thumbelina is a short fairy tale about a young woman who could not have a daughter and her wish made to a fairy. The woman is gifted with the beautiful Thumbelina, who she names Tiny, but Tiny is immediately taken from her home by a toad with an ugly son. The toad wants Thumbelina to marry her son and devises a plan to ensure she can never escape. Eventually, she is saved by a bird and a field mouse, and betrothed to a neighbor mole. Thumbelina is desperate for a different ending and, after saving the life of a frozen swallow, is taken to an enchanting land with angels and fairies living within the flowers.

The story does have a moral - that, regardless of the obstacles in our lives, the best path is the one taken through kindness and honesty. Like Thumbelina, if we care for those around us and are fair and kind, we too will be rewarded with happy endings.

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