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Jan. 2, 2019

ASMR Reading You To Sleep | ORIGINS OF SANTA CLAUS (Life & Adventures) by Frank L. Baum [Soft Spoken]

ASMR Reading You To Sleep | ORIGINS OF SANTA CLAUS (Life & Adventures) by Frank L. Baum [Soft Spoken]
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ASMR reading of the classic Christmas tale, The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus, written by Frank L. Baum. Softspoken, fireplace ambiance. Enjoy with headphones.

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Discover the origin of Santa Claus in this classic Christmas tale. Frank L. Baum published the Life and Adventures of Santa Claus in 1902, just two years after The Wizard of Oz. Listen as Santa Claus is found in the Forest of Burzee by the Master Woodsman of the World, Ak, and is adopted by the nymph Necile. Though no mortals are allowed in the Forest, Ak takes pity on the baby and allows Necile to raise him as her own. Once he comes of age, Ak realizes that Claus should see the world at large, and takes the young man to see children all over the world. Claus is immediately drawn to them and wants to ensure their happiness. When they return to the Forest, he is driven to leave and seeks to provide happiness to every child he comes across. 

The lore refers to Claus as Saint Nick, or Santa Claus because he worked tirelessly to provide toys to children around the world. He is known for his naughty and nice list, but even those who are naughty have the power to become good if they are provided with happiness.

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