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March 1, 2019

ASMR | (7) ALICE IN WONDERLAND by Lewis Carroll 1865

ASMR | (7) ALICE IN WONDERLAND by Lewis Carroll 1865
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ASMR soft spoken reading of the beloved classic, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll in 1865. Enjoy with headphones. Podcast: www.anchor.fm/tome-by-tome-asmr YouTube: bit.ly/youtubeTomebyTomeASMR Twitter: twitter.com/PamMcElprang Sorrow of the Dragon Gods: amzn.to/2E6CT2v The story of Alice in Wonderland begins with young Alice, bored and lamenting her sister's boring book choices. Alice looks for something better to do and follows a white rabbit down a massive hole in the ground. She falls for ages, even thinking she has fallen to the center of the earth, when she finds herself in a curious and strange new world where animals talk and bottles of potions can change one's size. Each chapter of Lewis Carroll's classic story will be read as separate parts. Join me as we learn what happens to Alice in Wonderland and the importance of the white rabbit she so carelessly followed down the rabbit hole. #asmr #softspokenasmr #lewiscarroll #aliceinwonderland #aliceadventuresinwonderland #classicstories#originalfairytales #brothersgrimm #asmr #readingasmr #asmrforsleep #asmrfairytales #fairytales#hanschristianandersen #originalfairytales #whisperedfairytales #softspokenfairytales Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/tome-by-tome-asmr/support

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