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Feb. 28, 2019

ASMR | (2) PARADISE LOST by John Milton 1667 BOOK I

ASMR | (2) PARADISE LOST by John Milton 1667 BOOK I
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ASMR reading of Paradise Lost by John Milton, 1667. A special shout out to JoeZep, who requested this book as our next epic-length project. *Note: the blank verse does make for a difficult read and it does take me a bit to warm up to a comfortable cadence. I do get there though! :) Tingles: tingles.app.link/Tome-by-Tome-ASMR Podcast: www.anchor.fm/tome-by-tome-asmr YouTube: bit.ly/youtubeTomebyTomeASMR Twitter: twitter.com/PamMcElprang Sorrow of the Dragon Gods: amzn.to/2E6CT2v Paradise Lost was written by John Milton in 1667 and is an epic poem in blank verse and was originally published in ten books with over ten thousand lines of verse. The edition we’ll be reading, which was arranged into the new format in 1674, contains twelve books, and was translated by Project Gutenberg. The blank verse and clever word-play of Milton does make for a difficult read; however, I will do my best to make this story come to life for you and perhaps, help you drift off to sleep. The poem concerns the biblical story of the fall of man regarding the temptation of Adam and Eve by the fallen angel Satan and their expulsion from the Garden of Eden. The story opens with the outcast Satan and his followers, recovering from defeat against God. They build a palace, called Pandemonium, where they hold council to determine whether or not to return to battle. Instead they decide to explore a new world prophesied to be created, where a safer course of revenge can be planned. Satan undertakes the mission alone. At the gates, he meets his offspring who unbar the gates for him. He journeys across chaos till he sees the new universe floating near the larger globe which is heaven. God sees Satan flying towards this world and foretells the fall of man. His Son, who sits at his right hand, offers to sacrifice himself for man's salvation. Meanwhile, Satan enters the new universe. He flies to the sun, where he tricks an angel, Uriel, into showing him the way to man's home. Satan gains entrance into the Garden of Eden, where he finds Adam and Eve and becomes jealous of them. He overhears them speak of God's commandment that they should not eat the forbidden fruit. Uriel warns Gabriel and his angels, who are guarding the gate of Paradise, of Satan's presence. Satan is apprehended by them and banished from Eden. God sends Raphael to warn Adam and Eve about Satan. Raphael recounts to them how jealousy against the Son of God led a once favored angel now against God in heaven, and how the Son, Messiah, cast him and his followers out. He relates how the world was created so mankind could one day replace the fallen angels in heaven. Satan returns to earth, and enters a serpent. Finding Eve alone he induces her to eat the fruit of the forbidden tree. Adam, resigned to join in her fate, eats also. Their innocence is lost and they become aware of their nakedness. In shame and despair, they become hostile to each other. The Son of God descends to earth to judge them, mercifully delaying their sentence of death. His children, sensing Satan's success, build a highway to earth, their new ho Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/tome-by-tome-asmr/support

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