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Getting better

Love the addition with “The Yupper”, enjoyed the Tiger Trivia

My Detroit Tigers Therapy

By far the best Tigers podcast out there and the best source for Tigers content. Ive been following Chris and Rog on Twitter for a while and they really know their stuff. It’s also nice to listen to them air the same grievances about one of the most frustrating organizations in baseball so that i don’t feel like I’m losing my mind. Great stuff, guys!

Funny show

We would like twice a week, my Tiger pod listening is drifting to Locked on Tigers, 5 days a week.

Great fun!

I’m terrible at leaving reviews. Even when I find myself looking forward to something with anticipation, I seldom take the time necessary to acknowledge and give appreciation. As I’ve listened to Chris, Roger, and whoever they have as a guest, I feel like I’m eavesdropping on a conversation with friends. I look forward to future shows and growth from two people inspired on a topic dear to me. Thank you for your efforts. It’s much appreciated.

Getting better and better

Guys at motor city bengals are working hard (for love not money)and putting out more and more interesting content. Worth a read and listen for any Tigers fan IMO

Round table Awesome

Keep up the round table as much as possible

Realistic Tiger Talk

I like that there is an outlet that I can find guys that talk Tigers outside of the team company line. They get to a lot of minor league games and speak intelligently about what they see. Makes me want to go to more TinCaps games and learn about talent evaluation for something I can do when I retire. Go Tigers

Thank you,

Hey I gave you guys a second chance . The language was a lot cleaner , thanks for the concerted effort and the great Tiger Talk. Salyer 84


Started following these guys on Twitter this season and go into the podcast as well. Love how they balance their analysis between the minors and the major league team. Really insightful each week. Helps me get through the rebuild.

Excellent Podcast

... love the podcast. keep up the great work. thing about it you don't have to be a fan of the Tigers to enjoy. but. if you are a fan of the Motor City 9 then you've found a great place to get your info and be entertained at the same time. never miss a show. and. Go Tigers!

Big fan

I’ve spent the past year looking for a Detroit Tigers podcast, and this is the best. Roger and Chris know their stuff, and unlike other podcasts, remain consistent in how frequent they put out content. It’s hard to find coverage when the team stinks, but they do an awesome job of keeping their listeners in the loop. This show is my main source of getting Tigers news.