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November 19, 2021

Episode 411: Fall Roundtable III

Brandon Day and Trevor Hooth of Bless You Boys.com, Mark Gorosh, and Dave LewAllen of WXYZ Channel 7 talk Detroit Tigers hot stove, lunch with Carlos Correa and AJ Hinch. Support the show: https://www.patreon.com/TigersRadioP...

Detroit Tigers MLB

October 15, 2021

S10E405: Raising Arizona

Recapping the start of the AFL season Olympia Entertainment re-upped with Bally Sports Network MLB post-season "Inside the Numbers" & "The Good, the Bad, the Ugly" Taking listener questions Support the show: https://www.patre...

Detroit Tigers MLB

August 13, 2021

S10E393: The Detroit Tigers are in 2nd place

Patrick E from Indians Baseball Insider joins this week to talk about Cleveland baseball. Check out all his work here Riley Greene and Spencer Torkelson had a pretty good day The Tigers bullpen is defying all numbers logic Mi...

Detroit Tigers MLB

June 25, 2021

Episode 383-Paper Thin

Chris, Rogelio and Yooper talk about the Tigers bullpen, how thin the pitching is getting at an alarming rate, and who is going to step up next?

Detroit Tigers MLB

June 04, 2021

Episode 380: Dillon Dingler is a dude

Check out our friends over at the Hook on the Woodward Sports Network as Jim Leyland was on talking about Armando's Galarraga's 'Imperfect Game Dillon Dingler interrupts the podcast with a grand slam Akil Baddoo continues to ...

MLB Detroit Tigers

May 21, 2021

Episode 378: The Spencer Turnbull Victory Tour

Recapping the series in Seattle Spencer Turnbull's no-hitter TLR is a buzzkill What to expect from the starting rotation This podcast was recorded live while watching the Whitecaps play last night. Here's the video to watch a...

Detroit Tigers MLB

May 14, 2021

Episode 377: A Royal Sweep

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Detroit Tigers MLB

May 07, 2021

Episode 377: Shipping out of Boston

Chris, Rogelio, and Yooper discuss the Boston series and the Detroit Tigers offense that finally woke up A look around the Tigers minor league so far A closer look at why the LA Dodgers are struggling. Questions from the audi...

Detroit Tigers Baseball MLB

April 30, 2021

Episode 375: The South Side Disaster

Chris, Rogelio, and Yooper welcome in Luke and Alex from the Michigan & Trumbell podcast. Recapping the White Sox series What other AL rookie is everyone talking about Cut fastball discussion Marty Tallman with "The Jungle" a...

Detroit Tigers MLB Chicago White Sox

April 19, 2021

Victor Reyes vs the Sun

Chris and Rogelio discuss the Oakland A's series, softball "bro", prospect discussions and the upcoming series with Pittsburgh,

Detroit Tigers MLB

April 09, 2021

Episode 370: Baddoomania

Chris and Rogelio welcome in Yooper from the MCB staff as he will be the regular third co-host. Baddoomania continues and the guys recap the Tigers and Twins series and preview the upcoming road trip It's a heavy Brewer theme...

Detroit Tigers MLB

March 26, 2021

Episode 367: Casey Mize cements his spot

3:10-11:40 Janice and Sam introduced themselves and why Megan Thee Stallion would be a good catcher 12:13-12:50 Jessica Walter passed away and we do a supercut on her work on Arrested Development 13:10-28:40 How has Chicago l...

Detroit Tigers MLB

March 24, 2021

Episode 366: Dan Dickerson stops by

The radio voice of the Detroit Tigers Dan Dickerson stops by to talk about his thoughts on spring training, Spirited debates about player development What Julio Teheran brings to the table What the team's strength will be in ...

Detroit Tigers Baseball MLB

March 19, 2021

Episode 365: March Madness

-The Tigers rotation is getting clear -Baddoo is legit. -March Madness: Did you do a bracket? -Amount of betting apps ads popping up everywhere -Tyler Clippard is Frank Gore -First The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly, and Inside ...

MLB Detroit Tigers