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Dec. 11, 2020

76. "What Are You Sporting About?" Hosted by Sivonnia DeBarros


Sivonnia DeBarros is a first-generation lawyer and law business owner, woman in business and a former track and field Division-I College athlete.

Her practice areas are Business, Employment, Sports, and Entertainment. She is extremely passionate about helping athletes, women, and first-generation business owners because she understands the peculiar struggle many have faced by not having the necessary support and guidance to be successful.

Additionally, she's a public speaker, entrepreneur, and a bestselling published author of What Are You Sporting About?

Previously, she authored and published a law article titled The Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act: the Roadblocks to Recovery in Chicago-Kent College Of Law’s Seventh Circuit’s Review Law Journal, and published the new Children’s Book, JoJo Learns About Credibility, which is the first book of her new Children Series, JoJo’s Legal Adventures which aims to teach children about their legal rights through bite-sized legal concepts in ways they can understand.

To learn more about her legal services, law firm, or legal publications, please visit
www.sldebarros.com. You can also buy her bestselling book on Amazon.

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