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Aug. 26, 2021

136. "The Highly Sensitive Athlete" w/ Madeline Barlow, PhD


Madeline Barlow, PhD, dedicated 14 years to the sport of swimming, leaving her with a deep understanding of the mental side of sport—from the most magical moments to the darkest disappointments. As a doctoral student in Exercise & Sport Psychology at Temple University, Madeline conducted research on athletic identity and the transition out of sport, two aspects of her swimming career that affected her long after she touched the wall of her final race.

Years later, on her personal healing journey, Madeline learned she was a highly sensitive person and has since recognized this trait in a majority of the individual athletes she supports as the mental performance coach for a Division I University.

Now, as the founder of Mind-Wise Mentoring LLC and with more than 20 combined years as an athlete, sport psychology professional, and seeker of personal growth, Madeline is the creator of The Mind-Wise Method, her signature mind-body healing program for athletes and high achievers. This program combines Reiki Energy Healing and Human Design with the support of mentoring as her clients learn to embody the magic of their true Self!

To learn more about Madeline, visit https://mindwisementor.com and connect with her on Instagram @mindwisementor

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