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Aug. 9, 2021

134. "Rebranded Athlete" w/ Dr. Sarah Lepe


Rebranded Athlete was founded by Dr. Sarah Lepe who is a former Division I Cal State University, Fullerton Volleyball Alumni. Athletics played a tremendous role throughout Sarah’s life and especially in pursuing her career goals. After the final whistle of her last game, little did she know what a challenge it would be to transition out of athletics and pursue her career.

Rebranded Athlete is on a mission to help 98% of college athletes who don’t go pro, confidently pivot from the game into life after graduating. Sarah completed her Doctorate in Education with an emphasis in Transformational Leadership from Concordia University. She is passionate about helping athletes understand their purpose and drive them towards their career, reaching their full potential as they make the transition out of athletics.

Connect with Coach Sarah at https://www.rebrandedathlete.com/ and on social media @rebrandedathlete

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