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July 4, 2015

Felton Wooten: Grennsboro NC - www.qualityoflifeeldercare.com Assisting Elders

Felton Wooten: Grennsboro NC - www.qualityoflifeeldercare.com Assisting Elders

Do you know someone elderly? This information can add years to their life in regards to healthcare.

Felton Wooten: Grennsboro NC - www.qualityoflifeeldercare.com 

This BIGthinker will share the insights that helped him to receive the North Carolina Administrator Of The Year award. Listen as he assists you in understanding the various of models of care, dementia care, abuse and neglect prevention and improving the overall level of care the elderly are provided.

  TESTIMONIES Quality of Life A seminar and planner created and hosted by Felton Wooten "I attended the seminar last week and realized that I am not prepared. I talked with my sister and my parents the night of the seminar. Felton provided so much information and I leaned so much. He made me aware of topics that I had never thought of. People need to attend one of the seminars when they can. All I can say is "it was Phenomenal" - C. Pierce ( 2015)

"This is a must attend seminar. I cannot stress it enough. I have already started getting things in order for myself and my parents." - T. Oswald ( 2015)

"I sat there in the seminar and within a few minutes I was knocked off my pedestal thinking that I had all my business in order. I now need to make some changes to protect my son with issues that he could face with me aging." - A.Goodman 

( 2015) M.U.S.T.  L.I.S.T.E.N.  T.O.  G.E.T.