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April 12, 2022

The Entitlement Episode with Veracity of The Veracity Podcast

The Entitlement Episode with Veracity of The Veracity Podcast
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Today's episode came through with that Vibes x Value package with the vibes queen herself, Veracity of The Veracity Podcast as we talked about entitlement, you know, that thing Gen Zs are often accused of. 

This time, we explored entitlement from people in authority, you know the mummies and uncles in the street, the boss at work, etc etc.

Listen, share, enjoy and pick 1 or 2 lessons 😉. Disagree with any part, ran into an entitled person, or been entitled yourself? Share your thoughts and experience!

The DM/comment section is open via @thevaluecafe across social media. So is thevaluecafepod@gmail.com. Or send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/thevaluecafewithesther/message. 

You can also holla at Veracity @theveracitypod and enjoy some vibey content. 

- Host: Esther Opone (The Value Adder, @thevalueadder)
- Guest: Blessing Aigbimaru (Veracity, @theveracitypod) 
- Edits: Blessing Aigbimaru
- Production: Esther Opone