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April 20, 2022

Impact Corner #3: Motunrayo Fatoke, Education and Development Practitioner

Impact Corner #3: Motunrayo Fatoke, Education and Development Practitioner
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If you ask me to share my impression of Motunrayo Fatoke, my #ImpactCorner guest for this week, I'd say she's that girl with "coconut head", who's always channelling her energy towards contributing to social good.

Also known as Motun Bee, Motunrayo has over 3 years of transnational experience as an education and development practitioner at the intersection of programs design and pedagogical innovation. A graduate of Guidance and Counseling/Communication and Language Arts from the prestigious University of Ibadan, she currently works as the Senior Programmes Assistant at The Education Partnership (TEP) Centre, and has worked with other local and international organizations like ENACTUS, UNICEF, UNESCO, Dalberg, Theirworld, World Economic Forum Global Shapers, Barack Obama Young Leaders Initiative, amongst others.

Motunrayo is also a creative director of a lifestyle brand, Onifaari, technical/creative writer with some of her works published in Punch, Nigeria’s foremost Newspaper and global platforms like Education Commission and Theirworld blog. She is very much interested in education, career development, organizational culture, technology and finance for social good.

We had an interesting conversation around her journey, including what spurred her passion for education advocacy, and dealing with impostor syndrome in spite of all these achievements. Listen in, share and engage with your thoughts via @thevaluecafe on Instagram/Twitter, thevaluecafepod@gmail.com or send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/thevaluecafewithesther/message