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Hello friend, I'm Esther Opone, aka The Value Adder, host of The Value Café Podcast. Welcome! 

Inspired by the value I've gained from conversations (planned or random) with friends and even strangers over time, I decided to create this safe, laid-back space to hold sense-filled conversations with my friends. Here, we discuss everything and anything, sharing lessons from our personal life journeys, with the ultimate aim to share and gain value.

Don't look forward to overly "experty", big-name conversations, but chill, open and authentic ones on a wide range of topics, even the ones we're just figuring out ourselves.

Definitely expect to get those "me too!" moments from stories that you can relate with, "I needed to hear this!" from perspectives that meet your situation, as well as "Ahn! Now I see" from the unique ones that expand your world view. And yes, it's perfectly OK to have the "Nah, I don't quite agree" reaction to some too. 

Above all, I sincerely hope you have fun, connect and gain one or two values as you listen. 

Look forward to fresh new episodes every Tuesday and invite your friends to listen too. 

P. S. You can always shoot a mail to thevaluecafepod@gmail.com or a DM on Instagram (@thevaluecafepod) to give your feedback, make enquires or request a collaboration.

I'd also love to listen to your voice messages, so please hit the microphone button on your right-hand corner anywhere on the site and let me know your thoughts.

Again, welcome to The Value Café Podcast!