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Nov. 7, 2022



As a covenant child of God, you can prosper anywhere in the world. - Seun Osigbesan

Prosperity is a state of well-being. Prosperity is flourishing, thriving, and good fortune. Prosperity is not just restricted to money, it means to succeed on all sides.

Few truths about prosperity

1: Prosperity is not all about money. Money is part of it but that's not all there is to prosperity Gen 9:31. Joseph was a slave but the bible considers him as someone who is prospering.

2. Prosperity is in different degrees. Isaac obeyed. Your prosperity is location sensitive. Isaac continued to prosper until he became very prosperous.

3. Prosperity can be achieved anywhere in the world. The earth is the Lord's and its fullness thereof. As a child of God, you can prosper anywhere as long as the. lord is there.


- God has pleasure In the prosperity of his servant. ps 35:27.

- God's desire is for you to do the best, anything short of that is anti-God.

- Poverty is not synonymous with holiness. Poverty is a curse of the lord and can never be the will of god for you.

- God wants you to leave an inheritance for your children's children. pro 13:22.

- The wealth God wants you to have is transgenerational. Matt 7:11.

- God wants you to finance the expansion of his kingdom.

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