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Oct. 1, 2020

“Never Been Less Thirsty” with Maddie Silva

“Never Been Less Thirsty” with Maddie Silva

Michele admits she’s struggling to be creative during quarantine. She talks about writing journal pages, inspired by David Sedaris’ book, Theft by Finding: Diaries.

This week’s guest is Maddie Silva, an LA-based writer and self-proclaimed pasta water evangelist. Michele and Maddie discuss how hard it’s been to write a script or ANYTHING since the pandemic started. They agree it’s okay to surrender to erratic fits of productivity. They bond over a love for the paranormal show, the X-files.

Maddie divulges that her therapist is breaking up with her because she needs a break, goddammit! Maddie prefers a therapist who is kind and compassionate, whereas Michele prefers a cold-shouldered, bitchy approach.  

Maddie confesses that her friendships have been strained lately with one married friend moving out of state and another friend getting pregnant. (all without consulting her first!) The ladies also discuss using sarcasm as a defense mechanism and commiserate over being forced to socialize at work. Maddie also confesses she almost missed meeting her boyfriend because she was too stubborn to be set up!

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