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Oct. 23, 2020

MAGA Hats in the House with Amanda

MAGA Hats in the House with Amanda

Michele talks about her trip to Grand Canyon National Park. It started with a fight with her boyfriend, but it ended alright! She discusses how to talk politics with the person you’re dating and shares that she and Joseph got in an argument on their first date- about voting. 

This week’s guest is Amanda, a writer and arts educator. Amanda laments how hard it is to find a therapist and how we should have access to emergency therapy. Michele reveals that she recently quit going to therapy herself. Amanda tells us what it’s like to have strong Trump supporters in her family when she considers herself very liberal. They talk about living in an age of pandemics, crying in public, the VP debate, mailing in your ballot, overconfident political YouTubers, AOC, and of course, Joe freaking Biden. Amanda recommends reading A People’s History of the United States by Howard Zinn.

Amanda tells us that her finances are actually faring better now in pandemic times, and about her recent experience interviewing for jobs while trying not to seem too desperate. She also recommends the book Severance by Ling Ma, as well as the Socrates Sculpture Garden in Queens, NY.

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