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Oct. 15, 2020

Is That Mask Suffocating Your Freedom? with Trevor Waggoner

Is That Mask Suffocating Your Freedom? with Trevor Waggoner

Michele gives some suggestions about how to talk to someone with differing political views. She shares a story about talking to a Trump supporter face to face.

This week’s guest is Trevor Waggoner, an improv and sketch comedian based in Los Angeles. He’s currently a part of a rotating cast on Manager's Special on Twitch. Trevor and Michele bond over the fact that they’ve both acted in TV court shows, but have no idea where to find the footage. 

Trevor tells us about the political climate in Arizona and why he’s especially hopeful that the younger generation will flip the swing state for Biden. He talks about growing up in a predominantly Christian neighborhood, where people tend to vote Republican. He tells us why he’s not a fan of Arizona Governor Doug Ducey. Trevor and Michele also bond over having acid reflux and worrying whether the symptoms are related to COVID. They talk about not being stoked about Biden, but admitting we have to vote for him. He’ll probably be great anyway, who knows! They discuss the debates so far. Trevor tells us about a pilot he’s writing and what’s motivating him to write. He tells us what it was like to quarantine at home with his family in Arizona for six months. Michele asks Trevor whether any of his friendships have changed due to political disagreements. Trevor tells us a story about witnessing anti-maskers in public.

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