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Sept. 24, 2020

“I Forced You to Be My Friend” with Kelly Mohen

“I Forced You to Be My Friend” with Kelly Mohen

In the premiere episode, Michele talks about rushing to move in with her boyfriend due to the pandemic and her anxiety over keeping her relationship “perfect.” She discusses the book How to Stay in Love by James J. Sexton and how people are dating during these unprecedented times.

This week’s guest is Kelly Mohen, an early childhood intervention specialist. Kelly tells us what it’s like to be an extreme extrovert during quar. Michele and Kelly speculate as to why ANY woman would EVER choose a male therapist. They discuss the pressure to have a baller Christmas every year in an Irish Catholic family. Kelly confesses she’s staying entertained by indulging in “trash” reality TV, such as Disney Fairy Tale Weddings. The ladies also discuss whether Elon Musk and Grimes are doing okay, Jia Tolentino’s book Trick Mirror, approaching dating apps like a video game, and grappling with a fear of rejection.

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