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Oct. 8, 2020

Find a Therapist Who Will Speak Farsi to You with Shadia Sepehrnia

Find a Therapist Who Will Speak Farsi to You with Shadia Sepehrnia

Michele discusses race and ethnicity as it relates to therapy. She recommends therapy professionals bring up the subject of racial identity with their clients. She mentions a few things white therapists can do to help BIPOC clients especially. 

This week’s guest, Shadia Sepehrnia, tells us the comfort in finding a therapist who is Persian like her. She explains the ease of being able to describe things in Farsi. She discusses how her mother, who’s from Iran, doesn’t understand therapy. Shadia tells us what it’s like to return to therapy after a hiatus from it. She reveals that she is grateful to the pandemic for letting her catch a break from work, so she can figure out how she truly wants to spend her time. Shadia recommends the screenwriting book Story by Robert McKee, which may be a type of therapy in and of itself!  

Shadia talks about getting caught up in the hustle of Hollywood, and how it’s been nice to have the time to read SEVEN books since we entered quarantine!! She also says that she watches zero network television these days, unless it’s 90 Day Fiancé. They also discuss whether staying on Facebook during election season is worth it. Michele asks where Shadia last traveled to before the pandemic. Michele then asks Shadia how her writing/directing career is going.

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