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Nov. 19, 2020

“Diagnosed with 9/11” with Gabe Mollica

“Diagnosed with 9/11” with Gabe Mollica

Michele (@michelebacicomedy) reveals that she turned thirty over the weekend and feels no different. Maybe a little more depressed than usual?

This week’s guest is Gabe Mollica (@GabeMollica), a standup comedian and writer who has appeared at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Gabe talks about moving back in with his parents on Long Island and about the year he spent living in Scotland. Michele and Gabe nerd out over their favorite comedians, comedy podcasts, and discuss the standup industry.

Gabe says he prefers food over alcohol any day and how, when he first started comedy, he committed to doing a hundred sets and writing a blog to prove it. They discuss being frustrated by people’s politics on Twitter, especially when it’s a comic you idolize. Gabe talks about the time when he shared his story for The Moth on the radio and reminisces about working out jokes live on stage. He also shares that his earliest therapy experience involved an incorrect diagnosis of 9/11 trauma.

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