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Aug. 4, 2020

Wanderlust on a Budget? Living Abroad and Traveling Tidbits with Adalia Aborisade

Wanderlust on a Budget? Living Abroad and Traveling Tidbits with Adalia Aborisade
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The Other Side of 40 is a dedicated space to women who have made positive changes in their lives after the age of 40. Join host, April Grant, as she highlights women to help you find inspiration as you start the next chapter of your life.

Today we are joined by Adalia Aborisade, an international educator, travel coach, and personal finance counselor. She works to empower women of color by demystifying travel, finance, and everything in between.

Episode summary

Going natural is more than getting chemicals out of your hair. It is about ridding your body, your space, and your surroundings of toxins. When you experience an awakening, it’s time for a shift. From getting a divorce to packing up and moving to Honduras with her 15-year old daughter, Adalia takes us on her journey of getting to a healthier space in all aspects of her life.

Adalia shares her experiences with living in Honduras, Kuwait, China, Mexico, and her plans to visit the Republic of Georgia. In addition to living abroad and traveling, there are many ways to travel and if you’re considering the ex-pat life, maybe it’s time to get your passport, laptop, and visa. Do you know about short term visas? Ready to retire: consider a retirement visa. Did you know about spousal visas? If you’re interested in living and working worldwide, then this episode is for you.

  • Clarification about Postal Service in Honduras: While Honduras has a decentralized postal service, packages and letters can be sent and received at designated locations.

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