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June 24, 2020

To Get the Life You Want, You Need Math and Music

To Get the Life You Want, You Need Math and Music
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The Other Side of 40 is a dedicated space to women who have made positive changes in their lives after the age of 40. Join host April Grant, as she highlights women to help you find inspiration and support as you start the next chapter of your life.

Today we are joined by Suzette Vearnon, a life coach, relationship solutionist, and creator of Music Math Approach to Relating. She coaches women who have lost themselves in relationships and has created a program that allows you to own your power.

Episode Notes

What do you do when you realize that the things that may have served you at one point in your life, no longer work? What do you do if this awakening happens every 5 years? Is there a way to get the life you want, the job you want, and even the relationship you want?

Suzette provides instruction on what really matters in relationships. You need to learn who you are. You need to learn about your significant other. You need to be coachable. Relationships work when you know yourself and when you understand that your “blind” spots could ruin your ability to have a great relationship. Marriage is not something you should try on. You should also avoid getting married in the romance phase of your relationship.  Suzette’s methods of incorporating her Music Math Approach to Relating will make it so that when you have your awakening, the changes you make will positively impact you, your choices, and your relationships.

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Where to find Suzette?
Facebook: Your Coach Suzette
Instagram: @YourCoachSuzette
Podcast: Enough Factor Podcast

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