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June 23, 2021

Take the Chance with Jen Mann

Take the Chance with Jen Mann

Have you ever wanted to punch people in the throat? Of course, you have. So has our guest today. Jen Mann started blogging because she wanted to punch people in the throat but writing about was a better option. Tired of the perfect parenting blog depiction of parenting, Jen set out to tell her truth. When her blog about the Elf on the Shelf went viral in 2011, she found herself with new followers and a new focus. Jen reminds us to use our anger for good, how to not take yourself too seriously, and how showing up as your real self, is freeing. Listen in and laugh along with April and Jen as they discuss life, motherhood, and living in today’s world.


Highlights of today’s show:

·       Think about what deserves your outrage.

·       Use your anger for good.

·       Find humor in things, even the hard things.

·       Step back from fights when you’ve said what you have to say.

·       Remember to laugh and drop the f-bomb when necessary!


Where to Find Jen Mann:          Website                                

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