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Aug. 11, 2020

Restore Your Emotional, Physical, and Emotional Health: Crystals, Reiki and Tarot with Crystal Holloway

Restore Your Emotional, Physical, and Emotional Health: Crystals, Reiki and Tarot with Crystal Holloway
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Today we are joined by Crystal Holloway, owner of Lyfe Crystalized and host of theLife AlignedPodcast. She teaches people how to create the lives they want by clearing energetic blocks. She is a Reiki-certified practitioner and a Tarot coach who specializes in helping you find your perfect balance of emotional, mental, and spiritual health.

Imagine being purposeful about your self-care. You take the time to do what sustains you: meditate, self-care, prayer. Then life falls into place. Everything you have envisioned for your life has manifested. You have the dream job, the dream home, and the dream life. And then the self-care routines you used to rely on to sustain you, begin to fall away. You’ve got everything you ever wanted and so the meditations stop. The self-care stops. The peace you used to have is nowhere to be found.

This happened to our guest, Crystal. And after walking into a tea shop on vacation, she found her path back to restoring her emotional, physical, and emotional peace. She bought herself Tarot cards, learned about crystals and their healing powers, and became a Reiki certified practitioner. She knows just how important it is for all of us to be at peace, so she uses her  training to help other people realign their energy life. This podcast is for you if you’ve found yourself off of your peaceful path and need to restore your sense of calm. Crystal gives some insightful gems to learn how Tarot readings, crystals, and Reiki will help you move to a serene and harmonized future.

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