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April 28, 2021

Pitch Yourself with Tracy Lamourie

Pitch Yourself with Tracy Lamourie

Thinking about monetizing your strengths? What could you do well if you put your mind to it? Could you start your own brand and be successful? Of course you can! Today, we’re joined by Tracy Lamourie, publicist extraordinaire. After years of activism and advocacy, Tracy realized she was really good at promotion, social media, and telling stories about people. At 41, she took the leap, pitched herself, and started her own company. These days, Tracy runs a media company where she is an accomplished publicist.  If you’re on your way to building your brand or you are in the beginning stages, listen in as Tracy shares some of her advice and her own story to pitching herself. 

Ready to Pitch Yourself?

·         What are your strengths?

·         What do you know about yourself?

·         Where can you make the most change?

·         Are you willing to build your brand?

·         What do you need to take the leap? 

Make sure to listen in!

Where to find Tracy Lamourie:  Website                  |         Instagram   

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