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Nov. 4, 2020

Living Life on the Other Side of 40 with Veronica Arreola

Living Life on the Other Side of 40 with Veronica Arreola

Going to Space Camp at 40? Rock climbing? Becoming a member of the board of directors? Changing careers? Directing a LatinX in Science program in a new space? Sometimes we put off doing things in our life waiting for the right time. Our guest today is Veronica Arreola, Professional Feminist, soccer mom, author, Member of Board of Directors at B*tch Media,  and community organizer. Listen in as Veronica talks about making moves and not waiting any longer. Veronica shows us how to strike in this moment and reminds us that there is no time like the present: your 40s are the best yet to come.

Listen in to hear about:

  • Authenticity- Being your full self is a good thing
  • Intergenerational Friendships- Why it’s important that sisterhood spans age
  •  Feminism- Why it’s good for all of us
  • COVID- How it’s highlighted some of the inequity women and WOC experience
  • Women Leading- Women should be on more governing boards—it’s good for everyone
  • Keeping things in Perspective- Learn when to celebrate, relax, and critique

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