Oct. 6, 2020

Leadership is not a Certificate, It’s a Mentality with Janice Sutherland

Leadership is not a Certificate, It’s a Mentality with Janice Sutherland

Today we are joined by Janice Sutherland, CEO of the award-winning leadership and personal development consultancy Sutherland Coaching and Consulting and author of This Woman Can: The No Bullshit Guide to Women who Lead. With over 25 years of experience in leadership and developing future women leaders, join us as we learn from the first Woman CEO in Antigua and Barbuda’s history as she helps us recognize the leadership qualities that reside in each of us.

Here’s a secret about leadership: leadership can’t be learned in a book or a degree program. It is something that can be developed though. Janice Sutherlands lays the truth on the table and helps us learn how to cultivate our skills, how to advocate for ourselves, and how to know your worth. She also reminds us to ask for feedback to grow. Asking for guidance is not a weakness; it helps you get better. Janice’s story of leaving the corporate work world led her on a year sabbatical where she discovered that she knew her calling all along: she could coach women on how to seek leadership positions and how to be successful at doing so. Janice shares her wisdom with us and gives us the chips to bet on ourselves.

Today’s show will cover:

·    How to be your authentic self

·    How to step into leadership roles

·    How to check your negative self-talk

·    How to be confident in your skillset

·    How to tap into your network

·    How to ask for what you want

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