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July 7, 2020

Hint: Fostering Your Children’s Creativity Empowers You, Too

Hint: Fostering Your Children’s Creativity Empowers You, Too
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Episode 12: Hint: Fostering Your Children’s Creativity Empowers You, Too 

The Other Side of 40 is a dedicated space to women who have made positive changes in their lives after the age of 40. Join host, April Grant, as she highlights women to help you find inspiration and support as you start the next chapter of your life. Cofounder of The Other Side of 40, R Scott, joins in on the podcasting fun today!

Today we are joined by Tracy Wilson, host of the podcastMelanated Moms. Tracy encourages moms to raise creative, innovative, and independent children. She helps mothers to not only raise thriving children, but to make sure that moms do not lose sight of who they are in the process.

Episode notes

What do you do after you have had your awakening? What do you do when trying to parent and work toward your own goals? What can you do to teach your kids about striving for their own dreams? What can your kids teach you about striving for your dreams?

In this episode, Tracy shares some great anecdotes about striving for what you want in life after 40. She shares how to strike when life throws a curve (ball). Listen in as Tracy gives some great advice on creating an environment to allow your kids to flourish and be their own people. Not only can raising children to be independently creative be great for them, but it can be a bonus for parents. She reminds us that children, who are naturally creative, can teach adults a few things about pursuing dreams and persevering if things don’t go as planned.


Where You can Find Tracy
Instagram: @melanatedmompodcast 
Facebook: /Melanated-mom

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